A Jamaican Drive Out

Holidays in Jamaica are synonymous with a drive to the country. And if you were born and raised here, you’ll agree.

As adults we look forward to the ride knowing that our destination will be well worth the time and effort (at least we sure hope so). Our kids, on the other hand, are bored stiff as they remain confined to a moving vehicle. We are desperate to keep them engaged and even entertained without having them get car sick from the iPhone, iPad or other device.


Here are few things that are unique to the Jamaican landscape that we, as adults, can encourage children to find through the window as we drive Jamaica:

  • a cow, chicken or goat
  • a fruit/ vegetable vendor
  • a Jamaican flag
  • a Jamaican police car (white and blue) with flashing lights
  • an old Leyland truck
  • a minibus
  • a pushcart/ handcart
  • a group of boys playing either cricket or football
  • a bridge
  • a view of the Caribbean Sea or the hills
  • a church
  • train tracks
  • sugar cane fields
  • a Juicy Beef restaurant
  • a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant

Enjoy your drive!


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