The Fate Of Broadcasting

Interestingly enough, this is true for me and my fate in education. It’s not always as planned. 👏

Welcome To Our Blog!

My name is Laura McDonald, Im a TV Director, Producer and Editor ( one might think, “Jack of all trades master of none”-debatable but Im going to leave that for another blog). I am thankful and grateful to say that I have been in this industry for about 10 years, working with the young and the young at heart, from Reggae Entertainment Television to the popular private production house located in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica-Phase 3 Productions.

In 1998,  in the United Kingdom, I was one of 80 students studying recording Engineering at age 16. Yup, with my love for music, (being a grade 6 piano player, dabbling as well with the Violin) I wanted to be a studio girl. Mix and Create my own music. Well as fate would have it, Little Laura here , lets say, didn’t do as expected and followed the next best subject- business.

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