The Audacity of #POTUS’ Visit: A message to my students

Did you know that Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America? He’s often referred to as the leader of the free world. Cinematographers make so many films about US presidents. You’ve watched many of them, I’m certain. But he’s not just “any” old president, in fact he isn’t OLD, he’s 53 and he is the first black President on the verge of ending his second term. 

In the mighty U.S.A, presidents can only serve for two terms. This means that unlike our prime ministers here, they cannot lead indefinitely. That’s probably a good thing because they’re forced to push and execute their agendas in a specific period of time (four years generally and eight if he’s lucky). Working with term limits does have advantages contrary to our local history FYI. 👀
Jamaica, a third world country, boasts the majority of its inhabitants being people with descendants from Africa. Our forefathers crossed the Atlantic as slaves remember? What I’m getting at, is that our country is comprised of black people, just like President Obama. That again is a big deal! Its a big deal because the audacity of hope has manifested. Kids, not only is it, as we’ve heard on numerous occasions and please don’t quote me, “black man time now” but its the time for us to dare ourselves to dream and to hope. Do you know that just a few decades ago people like Martin Luther King fought for equal rights for all people of colour. Thank God he did or else we wouldn’t be privileged enough to welcome and host the Commander in Chief of the United States Army here in our island. And yes he is that too. Another post that all US presidents have.
Keep reading because it’s still a big deal. Just as big as him making a private and personal, stop at 56 Hope Road; home of another legend and cultural icon, Bob Marley. It’s believed that he put Jamaica on the map with his melodies and truths. What’s special about this is that Big Dads here, Uncle Barack, was compelled to share in our country’s culture without making us even know about it. Do you think we’re special and have a good thing going on? I think so, especially in terms of our culture. You must therefore remember to celebrate our culture because lots of people in high places are celebrating it at every chance they get. So you should too!
Next; each of you loves transportation. Well, each of you at my centres. It’s your favourite unit yet. And with POTUS’ visit you’ve seen Air Force One, Marine One, the Beast and a whole lot of really cool aircrafts flying over in the past few days. Seeing them and learning their capabilities is simply mind blowing for all of you (yes and us adults too). So… Why not, be exposed to the many features;  encourage each other to wonder; tease each other’s curiosities. Let’s set those imaginations on fire.
Seeing our nation’s capital undergo a facelift is a good way to be reminded of how to welcome our guests. Fix up. Show good face. Extend true Jamaican hospitality. We are known for this worldwide, or used to be at some stage. We must show you, our youth, how nice it is to have clean and pretty surroundings. Perhaps eventually you will be determined to maintain such beauty! After all monkey see monkey do. I’m speaking figuratively here. 🙈
Lastly POTUS is an acronym and you all need to know what that means. This acronym stands for President Of The United States. Get it?!
Digest and Enjoy POTUS’ visit. #LearnTheFun-damentals in a fun way as you always do.
#LearnTheFun #EducationInJamaica #ObamaInJa 

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