The Kids Helping Kids

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On May 6th 2015 Rhys Greenland, Maria Greenland and Matthew Wilmot from Fundaciones El Centro, handed over a volumetric infusion pump to the senior medical staff headed by Dr. Minerva Thame at the paediatric wards of the University Hospital of the West Indies.

A volumetric infusion pump is often used to administer very small doses of medicine, generally to children receiving chemotherapy treatments.

Each year, since 2009, the children at Fundaciones centres participate in a Christmas Drawing Competition. The aim according to director, Rachael McDonald, “is to promote kids’ creativity while encouraging empathy.” The successful participants have their designs compiled into Christmas gift wrapping paper which is sold and all proceeds go towards the purchase of well needed equipment at the paediatric wards of the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Cornwall Regional Hospital.

“We are grateful to make a contribution to children from children once again and acknowledge the support of our team of parents, teachers, children and also Kristina Broderick for compiling the yearly designs. We look forward to everyone’s support this year. Our competition opens on October 1st 2015 and closes on October 15th 2015.” McDonald said at the hand over.

Matthew Wilmot mentioned that this was his second time handing over equipment and stated boldly that getting involved is something he is very
passionate about. Maria Greenland, this year’s competition winner, has committed herself to creating bookmarks to fundraise for more play toys for the wards.

To find out how you can be involved in this and other Kids Helping Kids initiatives, email

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