What My Summer Looks Like …(So Far)…And Why It’s This Way


Well I’m not just a teacher. I’m also the Director, who really is the Principal or head cook and bottle washer of two educational centres that are located three hours apart in an amazing little third world island.

Nevertheless I am already over the same message that reads something like “Hola Tia, I hope you’re enjoying your break” or “Tia, I’m sure you’re on the beach or somewhere fun right now.” These almost always precede statements like “I have one quick question for you.”

And by the way, we went on holidays on Friday, June 26th and had a Kiddie Karaoke Party on Saturday, June 27th. Today is Tuesday, June 30th 2015 and the phones have been chirping away non-stop ever since that last “Adios.”

So here’s the truth. With all those email, whatsapp, text messages and phone calls coming at me I really don’t have the time to cool out, except perhaps on Sunday afternoon when I took a nap after lunch.

Instead, I’ve been replying to messages, sending emails, arranging newsletter blasts, checking our social media, promoting and fielding questions about summer camps (that start in less than a week), finalizing our strategic plan for the new academic year, meeting with a team to design the new space in Montego Bay, trying to budget money to expand Kingston, sifting through resumes for new team members while following the guidelines to a post detox (well still detox for me) programme, putting in my daily hour of power, writing in my gratitude journal and spending time with a special friend.

I’ve been at work at 9:00 a.m. daily and I leave after 5:00 p.m. where in a quick and hasty dash I exit the location to exercise. I’m sure you’re getting the basic drift that summers are not really a time for me to rest. Yes I may be seated in an air-conditioned indoor space manipulating two iPhones in front of a MacBook Air but I can assure you that I’m working it. And whilst I may be dressed in shorts and sandals, I am around that desk writing plans, checking off my to-do-lists, jotting down ideas and writing things that I’m grateful for in a purple journal (like the ability to work inside a cool and comfortable space when the thermometer is reads 41 degrees Celsius outside).

Talk about all over the place. Yep. That’s me. But you know what, I love every single thing about what I do.

And I’m working it so that September can be the best back to school for my kids and my team ever. I’m working it so that more kids can participate in our programmes in Jamaica and across the Caribbean. I’m working it because I believe so very much in the Fundaciones philosophy and methodology that I want everyone else believing in it too. I’m working it because … that’s my purpose right now.

So I guess I’ll rest when I need to and I’ll continue to build the Fundaciones empire and spread the #LearnTheFun philosophy while everyone else is relaxing and enjoying their summer.

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