Each child has the right to the best health care possible …

Ok .. like seriously! I am tired of reading memes and hashtags calling for the resignation of the current Minister of Health, the Honourable Fenton Ferguson. If you know anything about me you’ll note my background is not connected in any way to the word “comrade.” So with that I declare that my reasons are not based on loyalty to any particular political party.

Instead I am merely trying to understand how we (and by we I mean you, Jamaican citizens) go from being upset with how he; and lest we forget, he also includes his team of advisors; has handled the recent scandals involving dead babies, klebsiella and serratia outbreaks and public awareness programmes (and the lack thereof).

Having the Honourable Minister leave his post will not address the issues at hand. It will also not stop us from feeling, and by feeling I also mean those chikV aches and pains a year later. It will not automatically compensate for the death of 19 babies. It will not make you or I feel any more or less angry or even hopeful. So in my mind, you’re all just wasting energy and working yourselves into an unnecessary tizzy.

What we exuberant and well thinking individuals need to do is to hold HM and those around him accountable for allowing this situation to have gotten out of hand in the first place. By all means, we need to demand that the plan of action to control and to reduce further outbreaks is shared, updated and the progress charted.

Please note that Article 24 in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child speaks to each child having the best health care possible. These rights were ratified by the Jamaican government in 1991 . How will firing #Fenton ensure that our government continues to act in the best interest of our children?

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