Here’s to 2015!

2015 has been a year of knowledge and undoubtedly one of growth.

I’ve learnt more than I anticipated, especially in terms of Jamaican business and banking bureaucracy. It’s kinda weird because going into the year I knew I needed to radically change aspects of my business but I had absolutely no idea how I would go about doing so. As destiny would plan it, I unconsciously started learning aspects of my business that I never knew existed.

They say growth is inevitable but I’m uncertain if that’s true or if it merely comes as a result of plenty pure and hard work. As programmes increased, so did our kid numbers, our team members and even our locations. With remarkable and unmatched growth came my ability to manage my time more, juggle evening activities and master the art of sleeping to and from Mobay in the plane or while being driven.

When growth happens really quickly and while you’re learning about life and more importantly life in a third world economy you forget sometimes to ground yourself. You’d think grounding yourself is hard but it really isn’t. Instead it doesn’t require loads of time, but demands your attention very regularly. Like a tree, when you’re grounded firmly into the soil you handle the gushing winds and torrential rains a lot better. In the tropics there are lots of sunny days but many impending threats of rain, lightning and thunder. And remember in Jamaica when it rains, it really pours.

To cut a long story short, this year’s rains were sudden and torrential. When you’re used to good weather, heavy and persistent rains come as brutal beatings on your back. The kind that floor you and leave your limbs strewn all over the place.

But this time, the gail force winds and heavy showers proved positive as they deepened my ability to trust a select few;  washed away all the negative energies that were centered on and around me, the same ones I held in and with high regard; but best of all allowed for the rainbows that have finally come out. I say rainbows because I didn’t know there could be more than one rainbow at the same time until very recently.


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