Rants About A Life (in Progress)


Flying 15+ hours from JFK to Hong Kong was exactly what my soul needed. I’m not sure if it was falling in love (again) with Daniel Craig as James Bond, finishing Jen Sincere’s “You Are A Bad Ass” or crying living eye water after watching the Steve Jobs film. Maybe it was all that coupled with the 8 month lead up from Summer to Easter break that allowed me to craft my rules for a life (not quite perfect but in progress). Whatever it’s been, my rules for life (so far) are right here…

  • Be prepared… To go with the flow

Bond was always equipped to handle unexpected drama. He never always knew what would happen nor when it would but, he knew he had no choice but to do the best he could when the sh;t hit the fan.

I’ve learnt that sometimes there’s nothing else that you can do. Resisting the flow can be the hardest thing ever but you just have to go along with it. Things pan out better in the long run; trust me.

  • Everyone has a story

This is the gospel and truth according to moi. Bond did. Steve Jobs did too. It’s the one thing that spells truth in all families. And by families I mean each of us.

My drama isn’t better or worse than yours. Drama is drama. You have it. And I have it too. It’s the same (even though you feel unique to the experience, the objective of lesson is no different …it simply is to learn).

  • There’s always an opportunity to do the right thing.

Now this varies. And by that I mean it can simply be allowing karma to run its natural course or you literally jumping the gun and fixing the situation. James kinda went the karma route and Steve Jobs ended up fixing it with his family.

The right thing is sometimes as simple as acknowledging where you erred. Not necessarily going to confession (unless of course that’s your thing) or committing to some life changing decision. Just following your heart after you acknowledge the deed in question and just releasing any and all negative feelings that you’ve harboured. In my case it’s telling just two people the truth (your mom and your accountant). LOL!

  • Be alive in the moment

James did it and that explains many a passionate fling he had. Jobs too. And it was enjoying the moments and the accompanying chaos that drove his business to success and perhaps his life to some sort of order eventually. His moment lasted over decades but it was through it that the greatest company was formed.

When the student is ready the teacher appears and life unfolds. But it can’t happen if your eyes and mind are closed. This only happens when you’re alive in the moment.

  • Say “thank you” even when you don’t mean it.

This one is hard; especially when you’re miserable, tired, broke, hurt and hopeless. The good news is that by saying it repeatedly you turn on the magic. Gratitude has this remarkable ability to turn a situation around. Through simple acknowledgement you are (easily) raising your vibration. And good things happen when you’re vibrating at a particular frequency (a certain emotional state that feels good and is good).


  • Rest when you can; after all, we all get tired.

Fun(ner) things happen when you’re relaxed, when you slow down, when you take time for you. This explains all the fun I had with my crew on our Family Trip in the last two weeks.






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