Team Fun Does NAEYC

“It’s been a dream of mine to travel overseas with my teachers. To share the excitement of connecting with lots of people, who do what we do, across the world; to see all new and exciting resources available; to think of ways to strengthen children’s experiences and to just enjoy the delights of being in another space that can encourage real reflection.
This totally happened!
My teachers loved every minute of this conference and I was like a pig in …. (a lot of brown ooey gooey mucky stuff). Seeing them in workshops asking questions, exchanging ideas, representing not only Fundaciones but brand Jamaica was nothing short of wonderful.
Walking the streets of LA, eating, drinking, sight seeing, shopping, dancing, laughing a lot and yet still talking and thinking about our Fundaciones kids made me happy and even more grateful.”
NAEYC is the acronym for the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This year’s Annual Conference took place in Los Angeles between November 2nd – 5th 2016. img_1322

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