Just A Second

Do you feel like you have a zillion things demanding your undivided attention daily?

I do, and some days I feel like I need to forget the definition of multitasking and devote my time exclusively and wholeheartedly to each “thing.” And boy, does that take time (more than a second). 

Here’s my life in a nutshell these past weeks. Just picture: 

One head school whatsapping you while the other is already on the phone talking about the threat of pink eye, or hand foot and mouth, before telling you who dropped the F bomb in class; who hasn’t paid yet; who is absent until when and why? 

Then the educational concierge is in your skin about after school stuff and the January waiting list that needs to be signed off on like yesterday. But then wait, I see a few messages and emails coming in from Moms and Dads. Why are children bringing junk food for lunch and why are you getting so worked up about it? Which mom is not on the list? Whose dad wants to be added? Why? How did you forget him? Apologies. Wait?! More concerns?! Issues? Questions! Most definitely, thanks for sharing. Just give me a second. 

What?! He did what Nurse? Push what down his ear? Hold on, the other Nursie is calling on the other line. How bad is that cut? Does it need stitches? Send me the pic. Wowsers. 

What I really need is  … not a scotch so early in the day, come on that’s for the weekend; I’ll just have a cup of green tea with honey and lime please (remind them to add the honey and lime because they always forget to). 

Let me breathe deeply. Oh you know what, our other boxes are still stuck at the freight forwarders in Miami. When are they coming down to us? I need to go and exercise. Is there spinning today? Can I go to Spry before spinning? 

These thoughts and messages go on and on from the minute I check my phone early morning till I turn it over at bed time. Da da dee! 

In this age of technology, of digital connections, I guess everything does come at you all at once. But how did we manage before? How did I manage before? Did we have this much? Or did technology really allow us (i.e. me) to manage more and so driving us towards expansion? Maybe technology is a bad thing; oops no let me take that back. It’s a wonderful thing when you know how to use it. 

Now (like today as in Sunday), I celebrate. That I commit to delegating; to prioritizing; to setting realistic timelines; to doing me everyday despite whatever else is happening; to allow my best team ever to learn, to grow, to handle the drama that they are really supposed to (let me hang out with them outside of school and remind them of their worth).

Because at the end of the day, I still need to be here tomorrow to find more opportunities to connect with; to make more ideas manifest and to fall in love with a thought again and again. 

So dearest clients (aka parents) my sincerest apologies for not answering you right away especially on the weekend. I’ll have Stephanie or Danielle or Stefanie or Shantaul or Kerensa follow up directly with you. Thanks so much for understanding. 🙏🏽

As always I am remain stung by possibility as I  dream, grow and build with your (and everyone else’s) children in mind.


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